Neolt Trimmers

Neolt Trimmers

Neolt Trimmers

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Trims and cuts vellums, bonds, mylar and more!

This series is ideal for trimming single sheet drawings, posters, photographs and laminations up to 0.014" combined thickness. These stand-alone trimmers come complete with an anodized aluminum work surface/stand and receiver bag to catch waste trimmings.

All models feature:
    • Self-sharpening hardened steel cutting wheel that cuts in both directions
    • Cutting head glides on smooth-running roller bearings
    • Top-mounted swivel handle ensures operator comfort
    • Cutting head can be raised or lowered from any position on the bar
    • Open end shoulder design enables cutting of material that is longer than the trimmer itself
    • Transparent, adjustable clamp strip lifts automatically when cutting head reaches either end
    • Metal baseboard with rule tapes in inch and metric

    Note: The "Trim" series is not designed to cut mat or foam board

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