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Triangular Scale Tape Measure

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Triangular Scale tape is a new and exciting tool entering the drafting market. This new tape measure design allows this product to have a complete set of conversion scales, engineer or architect, in one small case.

Imagine being able to accurately scale partial radiuses and arcs without a calculator or even knowing what the radius dimension is! This tape does it. This tape is twice as long as the standard triangular rule and fits easily in your pocket to take to the field.

One of the main problems with triangular rules is they cannot easily be taken out on a job site or carried on one's person. This is why the 4" triangular rules are very popular and twice as expensive as the standard 12" rule. Triangular Scale Tape gives you the convenient size without compromising practicality.

Triangular Scale Tape is twice as long as the standard engineering or architects rule. This makes measuring large dimensions on plans take half the time!

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