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MJ750 Tear Resistant Bond

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Experience awesome durability and tear resistance. It is designed for use in both indoor and outdoor applications. Its water-resistant surface when combined with pigmented inks, provides the fade resistance and durability you'll need for outdoor banner applications. Durable plansets with this water & tear resistant bond handle jobsite wear and tear infinitely better than their plain bond cousins. Perfect for short-term graphic posters and signage,

  • 27 lb (4.5 MIL) weight
  • All rolls are on a 3" core



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Item No. Description Your Price
MJ75024200 MJ750 Tear Resistant Bond 24" x 200'
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MJ75030200 MJ750 Tear Resistant Bond 30" x 200'
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MJ75036200 MJ750 Tear Resistant Bond 36" x 200'
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MJ75042200 MJ750 Tear Resistant Bond 42" x 200'
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