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Contex SD ONE 36" MF Scanner

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Demo Unit w/o Stand Available
Only $3495.00

Now is the perfect time to Scan & Archive your old drawings.

Don't need the stand?

Call us at 1-800-234-3729 for Scanner only option and price quote!

If you are considering adding a scanner to an existing printer to create a full MFP system, then the SD One MF should receive critical consideration.

The SD One MF is a self-contained scanner and controller, so no additional PC is needed. The controller contains an intuitive touch screen for simple operation which includes red-line markup and is WiFi enabled.

SD One MF fully integrates with all major printer brands, giving you the flexibility to link this powerful scanner with your choice of printer. SD One packs a huge amount of value into its lightweight scanners. With great accuracy and CIS technology, you can trust SD One to deliver good quality scans. Whether you need to scan your construction plans, posters or have old documents that need archiving, SD One will do the job. Add our Nextimage software to the equation and control your digitized scanning environment with the very best tools.

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SDONEMF36 Contex SD ONE 36" MF Scanner
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SDONEMF36D Contex SD ONE 36" MF Scanner (Demo Unit w/o Stand)
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2200F002002 Optional High Stand for SD One 36"
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