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20lb Recycled Environmental Bond

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When using our environmentally friendly engineering bond you preserve valuable natural resources by using less energy, less water, fewer trees and emitting less greenhouse gases. RC20B paper has a 30% post-consumer recycled content and is 100% recyclable. As always, test for suitability and satisfaction perapplication. We believe you will be more than satisfied.

So give it a try and start saving some green.

This product is priced is per roll but sold in boxes of 2 and must be purchased in quantities of 2.


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Your Price
RC20B-24500 20LB Recycled Bond 24" x 500'
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$38.39 $34.56
RC20B-30500 20LB Recycled Bond 30" x 500'
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$43.32 $38.98
RC20B-36500 20LB Recycled Bond 36" x 500'
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$51.28 $46.15

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