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#4325 HeavyCalc Pro

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Yard, Feet-Inch-Fraction, Metric
Heavy Construction-Math Calculator

Save time, eliminate costly errors, reduce material and labor expenses on all construction jobs. Built-in functions quickly find solutions for Area, Volume, Weight, Slopes, Swell, and Shrink, Cut/Fill and More! Work in and convert between all building dimensional formats, including Metric.

The most effective equipment, manpower planning and estimating tool you can own!

  • Work in and convert between Yard, Feet-Inch-Fraction and Metric formats!
  • Automatically calculate Areas and Volumes!
  • Square-ups and Right Angles; Percent Grade and Slope; stakeout Drops, Ramps, Trenches, much more!
  • Weight per Volume (Lbs, Tons, Kg)!
  • Find percent (%) Swell and Shrink!
    Simplify Cut/Fill Estimates

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4325 HeavyCalc Pro #4325
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